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Short version: Asch is revived in his world thanks to Lorelei and a well-meaning request on Luke's part. Asch later ascends the throne which in turn leads to a great many challenges and not-so-minor problems.

Did any of you really think a former God-General and the son of the man who led an attack on Hod could become king without anyone protesting? Ha!

Kimlasca may at least be enamored with their common-born princess, but with the exception of the Baticul citizens who were there during Natalia's escape, most of the populace isn't too hot with the idea of Asch becoming king, scion or no. As a result, Asch is a busy man. Not only is there continuing his royal tutelage, there's getting along in court, figuring out how to coexist with other people, and quelling any small fires before things get too out of hand. Among other pressures.

Fortunately, Asch does have a few people he can call upon. His closest friends and supporters wear the seal of the xiphium (or the gladiolus flower, or the "sword lily") as a lapel pin, signet ring, or other ornament. It symbolizes honor, faithfulness, and strength of character. Its shape and origins are tied closely with the sword as well, suggesting these people are also allies of Kimlasca-Lanvaldear.

Asch is in his mid-late twenties by this point.

Differences from canon:
This Asch is increasedly distrustful and cautious, especially where other nobles are concerned. He tends to hone in on small details - not to be confused with an increase in intelligence, but due to the year(s) he spent piecing together his own identity. He can also get hung up on the "first impressions" he creates of other people.

Though he treats everyone about the same on the surface, this Asch will also tolerate a lot more than his canon counterpart - because he has to as king. He may grumble the entire time, but he will sit down and listen to people lecture and plead or otherwise bellyache about one thing or another. There is also a marked difference in how he responds to Luke. Though Asch may still treat him rudely, he has actually placed a great deal of faith in him - being directly responsible for his appointment as goodwill ambassador and representative for the remaining replicas who otherwise would have no say in court politics.

Physically his fonons are stable for the most part, but he does suffer from periodic "headaches", during which he becomes increasedly sensitive to light and sound, and sometimes disoriented. The effects generally pass within an hour of their onset unless there is some seriously erratic fonon activity going on. He is surprisingly healthy, though because of being fed so "well" at home, he prefers blander foods on the field, remarking that meals at the castle are too "dressed up". His voice is also a pitch or two above what is normal for Asch(es) and a little smoother, so when he speaks normally, he sounds a lot like Luke. He has to consciously make an effort of speaking in the rough military tones everyone is familiar with. His dry sense of humor should be regarded as a rare treat.


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